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10 November 2007

A Whole Lotta NUTHIN

I have been thoroughly sick for more than a week now, and I've gotten a whole lot of NUTHIN done around here. Kinda stinky. But the good news is that my doctor prescribed me some nice amox, and I'm on the mend. Slowly. But getting better. It's a good thing!

So, several days ago, I decided to do that Tales From the Scales thingy. They have a cute "Happy Friday" post up today. Anyway. TFtS suggests taking a before picture, so I looked through the recent pictures of me, well the onces that are still left after I went on a delete-fest (surely a sign of trouble: I've never minded how I looked in pictures before!), and this is now my official "before" picture.

As far as the novel goes, between being FLAT from this cold and my husband being out of town for a good chunk of the week, I haven't so much as opened the file, I'm sad to say. As busy as next week is, I'm still hoping to get at least a little bit done, which will be a vast improvement over NUTHIN.

Fortunately, there are a few productive things that require nearly NUTHIN in terms of brain power, so I did get a little accomplished this week. I made a bunch of lower case letters to go with the capitals I made a while back when the Monkey started noticing letters on sweatshirts and things. I did the consonants in yellow and the vowels in orange, and the plan is for there to be enough letters to do some words in a while when Monkey starts figuring out that stuff. Right now though, when I'm crazy enough to get them out the game goes like this: I put letters on the flannel board, naming each one. The Monkey knocks them off almost as fast as I get them up. Then he helps me put them back into the bucket. Then we start over and repeat as needed until one of us gets bored with the game. That and a few stories more or less sums up what we did for school this week. But I'm starting to feel somewhat human again, so I hope to do better next week.


Jan B said...

You have one cute little kiddo there, congratulations on taking the photo. It is hard to do that, when I did it I wasn't sure that I would ever see a difference. Now I carry it in my purse because people can't believe that I was 272.

tas said...

Hi! Welcome to Tales from the Scales. I haven't figured out how to leave get my blog on the list on the side either. i'm looking for some accountability also, so you have my permission to check up on me ;)

Ritsumei said...

Jan - thanks! I'm kinda partial to him myself! I was actually pretty pleased with this picture, which my brother took a couple of weeks ago before I decided to do the TFtS challenge. I like this one because it's honest - it's clear that I've got some extra padding - without being completely unflattering. I had a batch earlier this summer that just made me want to cry. The pictures weren't even the worst part... it was knowing that I was wandering around out in public, looking like THAT, and I didn't even know it. That was when I really admitted that I need to do some more work.

Tas - I tried to come visit you, but your profile doesn't have your blog listed: where do I find you?

Keeley said...

Hey, it's nice to see you! =)


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