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04 November 2007

Two New Toys

I added 2 things to the sidebar today (and played musical chairs with a bunch of the others) because I have 2 new games to play.

The first one is the "Tales From the Scales" weight-loss thing. I want their 10 pounds icon. OK. I want their 50 pounds icon. (Can we have a 40? I'm not sure I need a whole 50 pounds gone.) But lets start small here. 10 pounds by the new year. Sounds good to me!
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The second new thing is actually a bit more, ah, intimidating. Yeah. Intimidating's the word. I think I'm gonna do the NaNoWriMo thing. Maybe not all 50,000 words. After all, my novel is already partly written. And I do have a 13 month old that expects to get some all of my time. Fortunately, he sleeps from time to time & is better at entertaining himself than he thinks he is. Of course, with the joys of climbing recently discovered, that could be interesting. Anyway. I don't think a whole novel in a month is terribly realistic for us. But I do think I could get some more done on the one I've got! And I was just thinking I should send in some more queries on my picture book. Not that I've heard back from any of the first batch. I hope they at least send me my rejection slip. I want at least as many as Dr. Seuss.


Keeley said...

Wow, go you on the losing weight thing! I'd definitely not worry about the 50lb...just work on the 10 for now. 10lb by Christmas is a really good goal!! I hope you make it. =)

Anne Bradshaw said...

And here's a reward for all goal getters :-) There's a real Christmas gift waiting for you (and anyone else who might like one) on my blog. Enjoy!

Tristi Pinkston said...

Wooohoooo -- you can do it!! Both the weight and the writing.

Ritsumei said...

Thanks for the encouragement girls - now to get healthy again so I have some ENERGY to work with. That would be useful.


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