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11 December 2007

New and Exciting Ways to Kick Debt in the Teeth

This is cool - gutsy, even. The Adams Family is planning to sell off basically everything they own in order to raise money & meet their goal of paying off their debts by Jan 10. I'm impressed. That's commitment! Stop by & read their story, check out their E-bay auctions, see if you want any of their stuff. I haven't seen anything that I want yet, but I'll be checking back!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for stopping by, and telling folks about us! :-) If there's anything you need or have been looking for (that's mailable, that is!) feel free to ask!

One month to our goal date... don't know whether we'll make it by the actual day or not, but if we can sell the cars, it should work out. Thanks for the encouragement!

Nice to meet you -- Linda


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