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03 May 2008

Green Hour #1

Andy had some schoolwork that he needed to do for one of the classes that he's taking right now, involving going to a bit of "wild land" and making some observations and then writing a paper about it. I've been wanting to do some Green Hour stuff with Monkey, so it "counts" for him too. For the Monkey, it was more an exercise in exploration, observation and walking on uneven terrain. It was quite enjoyable watching him explore the little section of State Park that we were in! The last picture is Monkey and Daddy looking at a rock they found on the ground.

I did a little bit of bird watching while we were there. Several times we have gone to this part and seen these beautiful birds. This time, I came armed with camera and binoculars, determined to make an identification. Turns out that those big birds are turkey vultures - a new one for my life list!


Keeley said...

This is REALLY COOL! I love the idea of "Green hour: No child left inside". =)

I need to try it. I will try it. I will not run screaming back inside at the first sight of a bug.....

...This is scary. =Þ

Ritsumei said...

It is indeed scary. I prayed every time I saw a bee-like-object.

"Please bless me to be Not Afraid!"

It helped.

Keeley said...

Then I shall pray too. And it will help. =)

I wonder - were there children living on the prairie who felt this way? Or have we become this way because we're so removed from nature? And if we are brave and deliberately take our children outdoors, will we be erasing the nature deficiency we ourselves have?

I hope so.

Ritsumei said...

I have no idea. It certainly is a good question though! The "Little House" books don't seem to give any indications that they had bug problems. On the other hand, "Just David" talks about housewives who mostly just stay in the house, cleaning eternally. I haven't got any better ideas for where to look for that sort of information... the family diaries that I'm aware of are all written by men, and they just don't include that sort of information.

In any case, as we both have this problem perhaps we can cheer each other on while we pray for relief from the fear!

Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

Fantastic first Green Hour time! Love the photos and the expression on your little one's face....that is what it is all about. :)

Great turkey vulture photo. They always look so peaceful soaring around in the sky but then you see them close up and you are so shocked to see that ugly face. Ironic.

Anyway, join us and we will cheer for you along the way.

Thanks for sharing your link.
Barb-Harmony Art Mom


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