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12 May 2009

Library Trip

We grabbed the bike & trailer today and headed to the library for our weekly trip. Monkey was very patient with me: we went to the hold shelf first, and then to the upstairs adult non-fiction section to grab the book I didn't have on hold, and then we finally made it to the "kid's part." He did look at some books, but I didn't have my camera out at that point, so I can't show you how cute he is when he looks through the books in their carpeted train cars. Maybe next time.


Tricia said...

That's right. Teach him while he's young and doesn't know yet the library is for studying and work:) My kids still LOVE going to the library. Never gets old does it?

Ritsumei said...

I guess I never got the memo on the library being "work" either. Of course, my folks took me all the time when I was a kid too. I do draw the line at using the computer for games at the library. Those things drive me crazy, so I tell him, "We're not here to play on the computer, we're here for the books."

I must still be getting the hang of going to the library with a munchkin: I'm still struggling with the loss of browsing. It just doesn't work to browse the adult section when you've got a munchkin in tow. And I can't blame him: watching someone browse is right up there with watching paint dry, as far as how interesting it is. And it's just not the same, browsing online, as it is right there in the library with the shelves and shelves of books all around you and no real sense of time.


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