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03 May 2009

Things to Do Outside

One of the hardest things about going outside is figuring out what to do. So I'm making a list. If I miss something, add it in the comments please?

Outside Stuff

*Go on a walk
*Ride a bike
*Push Monkey in the swing
*Pick flowers
*Fly a kite
*Shoot some hoops
*Nature Walk
*Play catch
*Go camping
*Play sports
*Take pictures
*Cloud watching
*Lawn care
*Playdates at the park


Cindy said...

Don't forget sprinklers, sidewalk chalk drawings, picnics, camping in the backyard. We also like taking walks at night with flashlights, I've always loved being outside in the dark. There's also scooter rides. Monkey is probably too young for his own two wheeled scooter but when Noah was little I would give him rides on my scooter, he'd just stand in front of me. I know, most adults don't ride scooters, but they're fun with the kids I tell ya!

Ritsumei said...

Those are some good ideas, thanks! Flashlight walks do sound like a lot of fun, and those would be very nice in the hot part of summer when it's too icky to be out when the sun is.

misskate said...

Also, you could play Frisbee.. run around on the playground

Jeannetta said...

Bug Catching
Jump Rope
Hula Hoop
Roller Skates
Water Balloons
Mud Pies
Popsicle Eating
Cookie Delivery
Bird Feeder Filling

I'm sure I'm missing something, I may be back ;)

Ritsumei said...

Oh, those are some good ones. Thanks!


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