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14 May 2009

Nature Study: In the Garden

It is finally both warm and dry enough to get out into the garden, so that's where we went today for our nature study. Weeds don't seem to be terribly bothered by cold and wet weather, so we had a good crop of them to pull out of the garden. Monkey thought it was pretty interesting when I pointed out that there is more plant under the ground, so I gave him one of the weeds that had come out with a lot of root attached and he looked it over.

I learned last year that there needs to be enough tools to go around, or else we have problems, so this year we already had enough to share between us. Monkey was very industrious about raking and troweling the ground. He planted some sugar snap peas for me. I'm not sure that he would have, had he realized that once the seeds were in we'd have to stop digging there in order to give the "baby plants" a chance to grow! But there's still quite a bit of the garden that isn't planted yet, so he survived it. I may have to leave a spot that is just for digging so that he can still "help" me without killing the plants once we have the whole thing finished.

We saw a number of creepy-crawlys. I made a point of showing him the worms when I found them. I was a bit surprised because at first he looked repulsed, and he never would touch them, though he did say that including them in his Nature Book was a good idea, so we took a picture. It must not have been so bad because he told Daddy about them this evening, and then in his prayers said, "Thank you for worms." Munchkins are so wonderful!

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Anne Chovies said...

Couldn't get him to hold the little critters, eh? I bet that will change soon enough. Sounds like you two had a good time. He's a cutie.


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