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22 May 2009

Open Letter

After viewing this video, I sent the following letter to Mr. Graham, the Senator from South Carolina.

Mr. Graham,

I apologize for using your constituent's form; I was unaware of any other way to contact you. I felt that this message was important enough to send, although I am not a constituent in your district.

After viewing your remarks on YouTube, I thought it was important to write you and let you know that men like you are the reason that I identify with the Constitution Party, rather than the Republican Party. Men who pay lip service to ideals that the Republican Party used to stand for are of no use to me, and the Republican Party is now so full of them that it is largely indistinguishable from the Democratic Party.

You say you are a Regan man. Regan said, “If you analyze it I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism.” Yet you specifically reject libertarian principle.

I hear a lot about Republicans needing to solidify their base and firm up their voting foundation. But as long as politicians are more worried about winning than they are worried about principle I don't believe it will happen. I believe that unless the Republican Party makes deep and meaningful changes they will ultimately be replaced, as they replaced the Whigs.

Men like you will decide the fate of the Republican Party. Will you make choices that bring voters like me back to the party? Or will you (and others like you) continue as you have been and drive true conservatives into the Libertarian and Constitution Parties, to seek our representation through other, more principled men?



Jeannetta said...

Well said!!!
I love it!

Ritsumei said...

Thanks. He was just so *smug*, and while I doubt that it'll make any difference at all, maybe it will?


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