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26 August 2009

Letter Books

We've been using Happy Phonics to teach Monkey to read, and with good results so far. Monkey enjoys the games, and it's entirely games-based, so it's gentle enough to use with a 2 year old who has already learned his letters and their sounds. But when we first started trying to move from individual letters to finding sounds in words it quickly became apparent that Monkey wasn't quite ready for that yet. (We played more with numbers during our break.) So we put the games away and waited for a while.

Now, he's starting to tell me "p-p-pillow" and other such sound games, so we're getting the phonics games back out and looking at what comes next again. These books are going to be one of the next things we do. I got my sewing machine out and sewed up some fun colors of cardstock (scrapbooking rejects, mostly) to several pages of white paper, and now we have fun books. Monkey says that he wants to do "D" first, so we'll be making a book of D sounds over the next few days, with plenty more books when that's done.


Tricia said...

You should google first palette. You will find lots of fun stuff to do with Monkey.

Ritsumei said...

Really? I would never have thought up googling that. I suspect that I'm about to learn something. Thanks!

Dorine said...

sounds like you are having a lot of fun, Monkey too!! :)

Nice job!!


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