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16 August 2009

Wedding Trip (Part 1)

Monkey was very interested in all the goings-on at the airport. He asked TONS of questions about what was happening out there. Anybody know a good book about what all those trucks and things are doing? We found a Richard Scary book, but it's a bit on the silly/cartoony side. Though its as fun as all his books are! But I'm not sure that it leaves me any more knowledgeable about what's going on at the airport!

This is the view from ABOVE the clouds on our way to the wedding.

The first order of business was to visit with some friends. It was completely non-wedding related, and completely delightful.


Keeley said...

Wait.....is that where you got your name???

Your photography skills are excellent - I love your photos.

Ritsumei said...

Eh? Where, the photography? Nah. I got my screen name browsing around in a Japanese dictionary.

Keeley said...


Ritsumei, when I first looked at your pictures I didn't look closely enough and thought your copyright logo on the roof was an engraving, so I was asking if you got your name from the engraving on the roof.... =D =D



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