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16 August 2009

What I Want to Know

If he'll stick his face in like this at the park, why is a shower such a problem?


Keeley said...

...and then you realize, "Hold on a mo, this child will swim with his eyes open underwater for hours at the swimming pool and laugh and giggle...and then when I get him home, put him in the bath, and get his hair wet BEFORE the shampoo gets anywhere near him he'll scream and cry like you're burning him at the stake."

Ahhh children. =) They're such funky little monkeys. =D

That is a cute photo. =)

misskate said...

Perhaps it's the clothes ON thing.. or the part about how it's for fun rather than 'cuz Mom says it's time to get clean....

Ritsumei said...

Whatever the reason, it's somewhat entertaining. The picture is actualy my sister's photo. I set up the camera and she was doing the photography because the little pool he was splashing around in was part of this fountainy playgroundy water thingy, and there were stairs that the water was splashing down, and the big kids were climbing up and down, and they sort of made me tense, so I wanted my hands free for this part. But she took some awesome pictures! All of the ones where he's playing in the water are hers.


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