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01 August 2009

More Blueberry Jam

It's a tough job, but somebody's got to lick the scoops and spoons at the end of the process! Good thing I have Monkey to help me out.


Tricia said...

MMM, but it's so yummy. We too preserved blueberries but we did the pie filling. It is so good. And Monkey looks like he is totally enjoying himself.

Ritsumei said...

I did the pie filling too, early in the season, but this time I decided to go with jam, and I actually needed to supplement my fresh berries with frozen ones I had to have enough for the recipe. I'm hoping to get one more batch and make a "blueberry bonanza" recipe that my book has, which leaves you with both blueberry syrup and blueberry butter. Sounds delicious to me! And the strawberry syrup we did is great stuff, so I'm anxious to try another syrup.

Tianna said...

Ooo, let me know when you do the syrup. I'd love to join you for the process!


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