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19 September 2009

A Barrette Give-Away! (Closed)

Monkey and I have a blast doing all sorts of things, but one that we don't do is dress him up all pretty, he being a male-child. Which is fine and good. But there is just something special about the cute little things that are intended for a girl-child to wear, and sometimes you can't help but admire them! There are some people who have a particular talent for producing cute things intended for a girl-child, and Goldilocks Barrettes is one of those people!

Goldilocks has graciously agreed to let me give away one of her delicious cake barrettes!

Up For Grabs:
One cake-slice barrette, handmade by Goldilocks.

It's darling. It's tiny.

It practically begs to be on the head of some cute little girl!

How To Enter:

1. Go to Goldilocks Barrettes's store and look around. Choose your favorite thing and come back here leave a comment telling us about it.

2. For an extra entry, post about this give-away on your own blog. Leave a comment letting me know so that you get credit for your post.

3. All comments must be up before 11:59PM on Wednesday 30 September 2009.

Among those local folks I've talked to there has been some question about how big the cake barrettes are, so here is a picture that should clear that up.

Here is a close-up to see all the details on the barrette:

Here are two similar barrettes in Goldilocks' little girl's hair.

Now, have fun browsing Goldilocks's store!


Nicole said...

The barrettes are darling! What a cute and creative idea! I really like the cake barrette you have posted and are giving away, but also thought the watermelon (both the picnic one with the ants on the ribbon and the patriotic) as well as the lemon and limes were fresh and fun! What a clever idea! I am going to have to think about getting one of these for my niece - it would look perfect in her beautiful curly hair!

Hilary said...

So cute!
I loved all the Halloween ones too, but I think my VERY favorite was the purple pansies!

Melissa said...

Cute cute cute! Good heavens I wish I were creative. I know exactly which ones my girls would love-the cotton candy ones. For some reason, they talk about the stuff nonstop. To my knowledge they've never tried it. Hmm. Maybe that's why they talk about it nonstop. :)

trublubyu said...

these are the cutest barrettes i think i have ever seen!! and stopping by goldilocks blog makes it more complicated. i just can't pick one i like best.

thanks for stopping by my blog- i love meeting new people!

Lenetta @ Nettacow said...

My little goose would probably pick the yellow daisies. Heaven knows she picks all the other flowers within reach! :>) Thanks for the chance!

nettacow at gmail dot com

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

These have to be the most uniquely wonderful barrettes I have ever seen. And having six daughters I think I've seen a gazillion! I love the robin's nest with blue eggs. So adorable.

Tianna said...

I'm a big fan of the snow cones and ice cream cones! Those food barrettes are making me hungry!

Hilary said...

Thanks so much! I got the barrette in the mail today, and it's even cuter in person! Can't wait for Annie to wear it tomorrow!


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