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28 September 2009

My Shopping Menu

I love FlyLady's idea for a shopping list that's on your computer. Basically, she keeps her list on her computer and prints it out when it's time to go. I've sort of modified this idea to work for me. I've got a shopping-menu. On the first half of my paper is a form I made up in Word to write the menu down for 2 weeks. On the other half is the shopping list, which I use a highlighter to mark the things I need, plus I inevitably have just a few items that still haven't made it onto my printed list yet or are one time needs that are written in. Then I go shopping with it. If I get to the store and they have a huge sale on something I can check the menu and decide if I'm going to adjust it right there. It works great. The only thing it doesn't do is make planning the menu any easier.


misskate said...

Yeah.. menu planning is always the most thought intensive part.
That's why I'm glad for that little box of recipes you gave me way back when.. whenever I'm not feeling motivated enough to seek out a new recipe, I just go to the handy-dandy box and pick out one I know will be a winner!

findingtrueserenity said...

I have only tried menu planning once and I have to admit it was a complete failure! We do so many things on a whim that it felt almost restricting...but I'm so unorganized so that doesn't help! Completely out of my norm! I love the idea of trying to get to that point though!

Great advice on the menu/shopping sheet! I like that it is right there where you need it!

Happy Homemaker Monday!


Mrs. Mordecai said...

That's almost exactly what I do! I can't imagine planning a shopping trip without doing my menu at the same time.


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