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02 September 2009

Clicking Around

I stopped by Keeley's blog the other day, and she had a lovely round-up of some interesting articles. I started reading them, and one click lead to another, and pretty soon I had IDEAS. Crazy stuff. I thought I'd see if it's catching. Let me know if it is, OK?

Keeley started with this cool post at the Homeschool Classroom about organizing the year into folders for the weeks, and then keeping the folders all in the same place. I don't think we're doing that much paper, yet, but it looks like a good idea.

Well, the Homeschool Classroom had some links too. I followed one to Donna Young's website. They've got some planner forms, and some lesson plans forms and how-tos. And she's got this amazing idea: set some goals. Oh yeah. That's pretty basic. Too bad I hadn't really thought about setting goals for the year, or those cool little sub-goals that are the steps that move you from where you are to where you want to be. For instance. Monkey counts to about 6 now, pretty accurately. It'd be nice if he could count to, say, 100, after a while. Maybe we should make that a goal and figure out how to get going on it, ya think? Yeah, I think it's a good idea too. Donna Young has some goal and objectives forms, but I didn't like her labels, so I made one in Word that's very similar to this one.

From there I meandered over to Many Little Blessings, where they have the most amazing piano restoration project they've recently done. Wish them good luck with the tuning part! (And if you ever do something like this, check with your tuner FIRST.)

Keeley also linked to this great post about hermit crabs and life.

Mother Hen has some crazy cool triangular math flash-cards.

I love reading homeschool blogs this time of the year, because there's so much energy and so many ideas. The Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival this time is called, "Inspired to Do Better" and I think that sums it up.


Angie @ Many Little Blessings said...

Thanks for linking to two of my posts (one at Many Little Blessings and one at The Homeschool Classroom).

As for the files, you know, we actually do a much higher percentage of activities that don't involve paperwork than those that do. I mostly use it for plans. It's very handy. :)

Oh, and thanks for the nice comment about the piano on my blog. Trust me -- about half way in to the project, when I realized how much work was actually going into it, I thought, "We really should have had someone come and look at this first." It does sound decent though, and the person who gave it to us has a sister that is a concert pianist who thought it sounded good. So, we'll just have to wait and see. Hopefully it will at least be good enough for a few years, if it can't be tuned properly, until we see if our kids are into the piano or not. Fingers crossed! :)

Ritsumei said...

Sounding decent is a good start - good luck with that!


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