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01 April 2011

General Conference Activities

I love Conference! But figuring out how to help a munchkin not only sit for that long, but hopefully enjoy the process is sometimes a tough job. Here are some of the resources I found this time:

We've used Sugardoodle in the past, and they didn't disappoint this time: they have a whole list of activity packets for children, youth, and adults.

Oopsey Daisy has a nice packet. She's also got some fun ideas for munchkins that are younger, including a bingo game. Monkey's right on the line, so we'll probably do some from both sets.

Crane Corner has some great ideas for getting ready for General Conference in the Family Home Evenings that lead up to it. It's too late for us to do this for the current conference, but I think I may borrow from her idea for next conference!

Monkey's too young, but I really like Cocoa's idea for post-it note note-taking.


misskate said...

Sounds good! How'd it work out?

Ritsumei said...

They were OK, but it's not really Monkey's cup of tea, though Schwarzbeere was highly entertained and printed out his own copy. What worked best was, as we've been reading lately, we've been pointing out all of "Jesus's hundreds of names" to Monkey, and I had a bag of bunny marshmallows. He could eat one every time he heard one of the Lord's names. I was amazed at how well he payed attention, and how long he stayed focused.

misskate said...

Haha.. marshmallow motivation. I love it!

Ritsumei said...

Oh yeah. And it works which counts BIG in my book! It's only twice a year!


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