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29 April 2011

Play With Your Food

I keep hearing that you're not supposed to play with your food, but it's just so much fun! We've done a lot of playing with our food lately.
When they were in the planning stage, these were going to be beetles. I was a little concerned that Monkey was going to want dung beetles (gross!), but when it was time to pick a bug, he went to a nice dragonfly. I've since discovered a tutorial video, and I'm anxious to try fancy pancakes again, since I'm certain I can do better now that I know what tools to use. I used peanut butter & chocolate to color the bug parts, and there were no complaints!

Since we learned about puffins, Monkey keeps telling me I'm his "pet puffin." And Raven is my "baby puffin." I reasoned that puffins eat fish, so I'd better be feeding the family "puffin food." Monkey wasn't so sure what he'd gotten himself into at first, but he loved helping make the fish and asked for more "puffin food' the next day. There wasn't any leftovers, so we made another batch. Only by that time we were studying owls, and I wanted an owl cookie cutter. The only one I could find was in a set of 50 animal cookie cutters... yeah, I've got quite the collection of cookie cutters now. The good news is, this cute bread is easy! It's pizza dough, rolled out and cut with a cookie cutter, then baked about 10 minutes at 450F. When it's done we "paint" it with some garlic butter. Sometimes there's parmesan cheese in the garlic butter. Yum!
And we also fed Raven spaghetti. He had a good time. I'm really not sure much went in the baby, but he had a good time. And devoured a fish bread. That kid loves his bread. Smart boy!

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