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30 April 2011

Weekly Wrap-up: Roadschool

We tried a little roadschool this week. The result was not too shabby. We didn't get quite as much done as we do weeks we're home, but with two days spent driving, two days in a hotel, and the whole family coming down with a cold, it's to be expected. We'll do a little clean-up tomorrow. We got the basics covered. Plus, we went swimming in the hotel pool. What's not to love?

My boy is still hero crazed. Last week, he was pretty consistently some member of the Super Friends. Typically either Superman or Batman, but sometimes Flash or Aquaman. Raven gets to be Batman (not Batbaby), Robin (when Monkey is Batman), or sometimes Aquaman. You should have seen Monkey grin when Daddy got his Superman shirt out! Heroes all around; just the way that Monkey likes it! This week, he switched things up a bit and was Ang, of Avitar. We've had quite a lot of "air-bending" going on around here.

This was actually last week, but it's too awesome not to share. Monkey is loving all this learning about owls. We've been watching a nest cam regularly, spying on a pair of Barn Owls: Wing and Beau. We've seen egg laying, incubating, sleeping, preening, and eating. Monkey no longer tells me I'm his pet puffin, now I'm his owl. This particular day, he was also an owl, and he was bringing me dinner. Which I obligingly tore to pieces with my talons and ate with gusto. Gotta love it!

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MissMOE said...

Sounds like a wonderful week, mama owl! Ang is a favorite at our house as well. I enjoy reading your post. Thanks for sharing.


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