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16 May 2007

New Toy

My neighbors are having a very nice yardsale across the street. They have tons of stuff, and started bright and early this Wednesday morning to earn money for a mission project they're involved with. I, of course, can't resist such a large yardsale, so when I rolled out of bed this morning I ambled on over.

They had a telescope!

They were also kind enough to put a sold sign on it while I went to the bank, cuz I didn't have the $15 in cash today. So, now I have a telescope! A while back I had wanted to make some observations, but the weather conspired against me. Now I can try again, and see all kinds of cool stuff in the night sky!

However, I'm gonna need to find something else to look at, because it looks like Taurus is only up in the daytime now. I'll need to find something to look at in the starts that you can actually see at night right now.

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Jimmie said...

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog and linking my blog on your own. :-)

I too am going to read Treasure Island soon. I'm working on a Pirates Unit.

I love yardsales!! That's something I really miss!


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