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31 May 2007

I'd give it a shot but...

They're not COST effective!

Been looking at gDiapers, which are flushable & compostable & generally environmentally friendlier than the disposable we currently use. But until I'm independently wealthy, I can't afford an increase like that in my diaper bill!

Right now I get a case of Huggies at Sam's Club. There's about 170 size 4 diapers in there. It runs about $30. (I didn't have to buy any this last shopping trip, so I don't remember the exact numbers.) I buy the Huggies. No extra parts needed.

The super-cool gDiapers cost $52 for 128 liners. You also have to buy the cute (and they are very cute, especially the Hawaiian one) covers, called "little g pants." And those are $15 a pop. And you periodically have to buy new ones, cuz like all little clothing, babies are going to grow out of them on a regular (or in our case, accelerated) rate (he's 8 months old but currently growing out of his 12 months clothes).

I'm all for doing things naturally & organically, but there are limits of practicality. In this case, it's a financial limit. These, like so many other "green" products, are prohibitively expensive. Which is not to say it's a bad idea. Maybe they'll catch on. Maybe by the time I'm working on diapering child 3 this will have a couple of knock-off brands, or maybe Huggies will imitate them & those will be affordable. But in the mean time, I'm stuck with a landfill, as unpleasant as that is. Unless we decide to give up eating.

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Keeley said...

I heartily recommend cloth diapers. In fact, I have quite a few my now diaper trained (except at night) 27 month old no longer uses ... =)

Nope, they're not any more difficult. Just an extra washload per day...or per two or three days, whatever you feel like.

Yes, you occasionally have to stick your hand in the toilet if it's a mushy poop...but that's what soap is for. Furthermore, most of the time you just shake it off. And if there's no poop....just stick it in the bag.

I got as obsessed about cloth diapers as I did about homeschooling... =D


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