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26 May 2007

Photo Hunt: Colorful


Red-wing Blackbirds are some of my favorites. In addition to their beatufully colored wings, I love their rough call (if you don't know it you can listen here).

Although not as colorful as a male, the female mallard also gets a patch of amazing color on her wing!


TNChick said...

Very cool - I love that first shot!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Sorry I'm a bit late. Thanks for stopping by my SPH! I love your choices for the theme this week. Great shots.

Have a great weekend.

jcfloresinc said...

That picture of the black bird is the coolest. Great live action shot. We like birds. Have a wonderful week.
Samantha, Tigger and Mom

Vader's Mom said...

I really enjoyed the mallard. I just love ducks.

srp said...

On our trip this weekend to Indiana, I saw a lot of these red-winged blackbirds.... just didn't have the camera in my hand. They are so much nicer than the big crows and the grackles around here.


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