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29 August 2007

Candid Candidate

According to the Alienated Wannabe, this video was taken without Mr. Romney's permission or knowledge. I wish we could see as much of the real, unguarded, personal self of all the candidates. The Wannabe also has some interesting commentary.


Candace Salima (LDS Nora Roberts) said...

Mitt Romney is a tremendous candidate and one that I've truly come to admire as I've studied his politics. In fact, at the request of Tristi Pinkston, I have posted a blog for the past three Mondays on where each of the top Republican candidates stand on a number of issues. The next two Mondays belong to Barak and Hilary. So, I've truly come to believe in and support Mitt Romney.

Anyway - just thought I'd drop by.

Keeley said...

I actually found it interesting that the host of the radio show, while misinformed, did not rail on Romney. He seemed to be very sincere. Such a pity he was caught tight by his own preconceived ideas and was too busy talking to listen to the answer.

Wow, Romney came off well, didn't he?

Nevertheless, I don't think there will be a Mormon in the White House this time around...the Republicans need to carry the South, and the Political Christians won't touch Romney with a barge pole.

Pity really. Huh. I'm surprised at how much Romney impressed me. Go figure.

Ritsumei said...

I struggle with pretty much all politicians; I don't trust any of them, even if they're LDS. This was really comforting to me. Made me wish that we had similar footage for the rest of the men running, so that we could get a gauge of what kind of men are they, when they don't think they're in the spotlight. I was also surprised at how much I was impressed.

Candice - did I miss something, I thought that Hilary was a Dem?


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