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27 August 2007

I Did This To My Mom

Well, except that there's 8 in our family she still always caught the stuff that we tried to slip into the cart. And Dad never encouraged us to do cart races. Sounds like she and my Mom read the same parenting books though: there's No. Way. Ever. we woulda kept the cards either.

Most entertaining Story.


Candace Salima (LDS Nora Roberts) said...

That was absolutely hysterical! Every time I read it I just giggle and guffaw and think of my little sister with her five children at the grocery store. In fact, for many years, she wouldn't go shopping unless I went with her.

Ritsumei said...

I agree, it's completely hysterical! I have Keeley to thank for it - she posted it first. I guess I fell down on the cite your sources thing this time. (Sorry Keeley!)

My Mom's solution to that sort of, ah, drama at the store was to take us home and leave us there until we rotted. Or promised on our hope of ever getting to go anywhere again before our 50th birthdays that we wouldn't so much as PEEP an "I want" or a "Can we get." But at least she left us the wistful "That looks good."

Poor Mama. But I must say, the gray we gave her is really very becoming. More silver than gray. I hope to be that lucky with my own children's gifts of gray!


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