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18 February 2008

Weekend Snapshot: Great Backyard Bird Count

We've been doing the Great Backyard Bird Count this weekend. It's been lots of fun, although I think that we would have seen more birds had we not been having an ice storm followed by a blizzard. But the weather makes it more interesting, right? Here are a few pictures of our weekend. Apparently our part of the state has been getting record breaking amounts of snow and other Wintry Stuff. That would explain why the snow mounds at the end of our driveway are nearly double the size of my Monkey. I plan to take pictures of that soon, but it's still snowing, so it may be even more impressive when I get to it!

Northern Cardinal, looking miserable. Notice the ice caked onto each and every branch in my lilac bush.

Bird feeder: deserted. This is how it looked more often than not when I wanted to watch birds this weekend.

Icicles on my gutter. I am impressed by how well we grow icicles. And check out how thick the ice is there under the snow! That stuff was all over the roads too.

This is what's left of my treat bell. There was actually a black-capped chickadee on it at one point this weekend, and also a dark eyed junco, but I didn't have my camera handy either time.

Lilac bush. I'm hoping that the ice doesn't make it so brittle that it breaks under the weight of all that snow. Maybe I should go out there and nudge it so the snow isn't so heavy. We're headed out anyway for more shoveling and picture taking.

Bird feeder: occupied. The poor little bird huddled there is a house finch. But you'll probably have to take my word on that. He stayed there for about 20 minutes, munching every now and then, but mostly just trying to stay out of the worst of the snow, I think.


Labski said...

Hi there, thanks for visiting mine.
It's good to see the birds after the ice storm. Just like seeing a rainbow after the rain.
Mind if we exchange link? I got two blogs the other one is http://manilenya.com/karen
thank you and have a great day!

tigerfish said...

It's still snowing. Winter is almost over here and it never snowed! :O

Keeley said...

Oh my goodness it looks cold where you are! Brrrr. The birdies are lovely. =)

theron said...

Cool - lots of snow!

Anne Chovies said...

I really like the icecicle picture. Itlooks like ot was way cold at your house.

Ritsumei said...

Winter's still hanging on pretty well here, although it's supposed to be slightly above freezing tomorrow. I'm happy about that: the snow piles are more than a bit ridiculous & trying to turn makes makes me nervous because the snow is so tall. But although a bit of melting would be good, not too fast please. I'd like for the water to actually soak into the ground & raise our poor depleted water table, rather than just running into the sewers.

It got a bit chilly here. I actually got to see some icicles that were substantially larger than mine the other day: roof nearly tp the ground on a two story building. They were pretty impressive. It'll teach me to leave my camera at home: I also saw a hawk on that trip & could have had pictures had I only been prepared.


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