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08 September 2010

Back Online!

We've been having computer problems: the power supply in my computer was going out. Andy said, "Don't turn it on." Apparently, when a power supply goes bad it's not only incredibly stinky, it can destroy other parts of the computer when it finally gets to the point of dieing. But he fixed it for me! And we even found the new power supply on sale! I was amazed at how expensive those suckers are. So. I'm off to finish the post about Charlotte Mason and habits I started a week or more ago. Shortly after that, I hope to have the next Classical Homeschooling Carnival up. And I need to upload some pictures for printing, and there's that photo collage that I've been working on forever and... yeah. I've been missing the computer.

Andy's my hero!


misskate said...

Yay! I've missed you :)

nikko said...

Darn it, I hate it when computers die! Glad to see you back online!

Ritsumei said...

I've missed being around; it's good to be back!


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