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24 September 2010

Weekly Wrap-up: The Sickly Birthday Boy

Monkey had his birthday this week: he's now Four Years Old! This works very well for him, as four is his favorite number. Unfortunately, he's spent the bulk of the week fighting an icky bug, and so we got nearly nothing done, as far as homeschool this week. Doing our preschool - kindergarten mix is fun, but not when you don't feel good. At one point this week I suggested a short walk, thinking we'd collect some of the beautiful fall leaves and call it nature study, and he cried and then asked for a nap. We didn't go.

But the birthday party was a screaming success: he was feeling mostly good on Tuesday, which was the birthday. I'm so glad we had it! We let him choose who to invite, and had a fun list: half a dozen little kids, ages 9 months to about 7, 2 teens, an engaged couple, and some adults. Almost everyone he invited was able to come. Several of his guests are also my friends, and they were happy to help out, since Daddy unexpectedly had to work that evening, poor guy!

Pre-party: the cake, and Monkey eating dinner quick before everyone came.

We had a balloon race: push the balloons with air blown through a straw.

Then the really cool stuff started. A.N. got out his balloons. Some folks just rock like that. A.N. is one of them.

Happy Chaos is a Balloon Man and a house full of Munchkins.

Monkey started things of right: he asked for a pirate sword. The Balloon Man also knew how to do ninja swords, so it quickly became Pirates vs Ninjas. That made a bit of noise!

And of course, birthday cake.

Turns out the candles I bought were trick candles. Monkey worked pretty hard, but in the end someone pinched the last one to make it stop! Then he opened presents and our friends had to go. Happily, Daddy made it home for the tail end of the party. He'd worked hard, hurrying so he could be there for part of it.


Oldlady25 said...

That party looks like it would've been amazing! I wish I was able to make it! What was the difference between the pirate and ninja swords though?

mommyx12 said...

Four years old already. I didn't realize he was so close to Mary. You gotta big boy!


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