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29 September 2010

Nature Study

One of my friends has some land and some animals. Yesterday, I took her some of my sourdough start, and she showed us her animals. Then we went inside and chatted until naptime. It was lovely.

Monkey got a "tour" of the chicken coop.

His friends introduced him to their goats. They're hoping to get more from a local petting zoo soon. The family is thinking about trying a "goat dairy." That's cool.

They've also got a young cow. Unfortunately, I didn't get any great pictures of the cow. But I did learn something about cows:

Cows are bendy.
Who knew?


misskate said...

Bendy? What does that mean? Like Gumby bendy?

Tianna said...

Cow's are bendy? Had no idea.

Ritsumei said...

Yes, like Gumby. Look at that last picture. The cow turned around till it folded right in half to scratch itself!

misskate said...

Oh! I didn't realize that was its own behind. Pretty impressive!


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