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24 January 2008

First Official Science Experiment

We went to the library yesterday and found an awesome book: Mudpies to Magnets: a preschool science curriculum. It's got some fun science experiments for little kids. The great thing is that they're labeled for the ages the book targets: 2+, 3+, 4+ or 5+. We tried one of the 2+ experiments today: put a slosh of vinegar in a cup of water. Drop in 3 raisins and add a scoop of baking soda. Watch the raisins dance to the top!


Keeley said...

Rocking! I've heard that particular book is brilliant - I thought it was more of a preschool/kindergarten book, but I guess I thought wrong. What did your munchkin think of the experiment? =)

Maybe I should invest in it now instead of later.... =)

Ritsumei said...

It's a great book - the experiments are all age labeled & it's got stuff for kids 2-5. According to that, Monkey's a little young, and the pictures show his reactions pretty well.He was done with watching before the raisins were done moving... it got to be a pretty patient process, waiting for the bubbles to collect enough there at the end. But the book's definitely on my wish list, my "gonna get that soon list" if you know what I mean. Mom and I were talking about our experiment last night, and she had a great point: you could do this now (at 1), next year when the book recommends it (at 2) and again even as old as 5 or 6 and it would still be interesting, and you'd talk about different things with each age child. Heck, I turn 30 next month & I thought it was interesting! I was more into how the reaction uses it's parts, and the relationship between this and those volcanoes - don't they also use vinegar & baking soda? The book said NOT to stir the soda, so of course after I was done showing it to Monkey the first time I stirred up the leftover soda to see what would happen, lol! Anyway, the book looks like it's full of hugely fun & interesting things to do. Quite a few of them look wonderfully gooey. I want a sand-and-water table this summer & the book would go really well with that.

dorine said...

Looks like Aidan was having a great time! Appears he would have like it to be a "hands-on" experiment.


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