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02 January 2008

Lovely Article on Home Preschool

LDS-NHA: To Pre or Not to Pre

Luckily, two very wise homeschool mentors (and now my “bestest” of friends) told me to relax. Instead of all the stressful planning, researching and execution, they suggested instead to read with him, play games, go on lots of outings (without specific educational “goals” in mind) and basically sing and “snoodle” him to death.

Life became fun once more. We made cookies, took walks, roamed the zoo, played in the sand at the beach, read and reread our favorite stories, and sang every silly song in my extensive repertoire. It was so much fun that when “kindergarten” rolled around, we were hooked. Homeschooling wasn’t “schooling,” per se. It was relishing life and cherishing every moment together. ...

So, what do you do? Gosh, it’s the glorious part of homeschooling – you make it fit to the individual needs of your children, your family. What one disdains, the other craves, they are different little souls. They are world-conquerors, meant to lead and not to settle for passive following or fitting into pre-set molds. They are creative and alive, with a brilliant future written all over them; we must be sensitive enough to give them their free rein. Give ‘em what they want and need. Frankly, it’s not much harder than a little thought, a little prayer, and a desire to be close to them in these precious, eager learning years.



Tristi Pinkston said...

That's fabulous! Thanks for the reminder that it should be about fun and love.

Ritsumei said...

No problem - I think it's something that probably MOST home preschool Moms need a refresher on from time to time. And where my little guy is so little, I feel like it's something that's very important for me to remember.


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