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27 January 2008

Weekend Snapshot: Just Can't Go On

Tonight, the Monkey just fell asleep on the floor. One minute he's playing happily, riding his sea-horse, then next he's asleep. Too funny. But I'm not going to complain about him falling to sleep without a fuss! Now all we have to do is move him without waking him up. Wish us luck!


Natalie said...

Good luck moving him!

Sandy Carlson said...

Yes, good luck! Makes me want to go to bed!

Ritsumei said...

Actually, amazingly enough, he moved pretty readily. Of course, I just scooped him up & dropped him into bed in his clothes rather than trying to put jammies on him. That probably helped.

Jenna said...

Somedays that's exactly how I feel.

dorine said...

What a cutie pie!! Bet it was a relief that you got him moved without waking up.


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