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27 January 2009

A Busy Day

Monkey discovered that Daddy was painting the walls in the basement this morning, and of course he wanted to help. So we found a brush for him and let him go at it. This was really thick paint, so there were nearly no drips or splatters, making it an ideal paint for a munchkin to try out.

The original plan had called for some nature study and outside time this morning, but it's pretty cold again, and Monkey's been complaining about his ears, so we opted for watching the feeder. This is new and interesting again because several months ago we had so many squirrels and chipmunks (greedy little things that they are) visiting our feeder & eating in 2 days what it would have taken the birds about 2 weeks to fill, so we stopped filling and have just recently started again. It's only been this week that the birds are back at the feeder. In addition, we also hung up a new feeder that should be less accessible to the squirrels and chipmunks, so hopefully we won't have to quit if they notice the food again. Since it's been so long since we had birds, Monkey was quite happy to sit and watch them a few minutes. We had a black capped chickadee that went back and forth several times from the feeder to the lilac bush to eat his seed, then back to the feeder for another.

After the chickadee left (and lunch was over) we went to the computer and listened to a recording of the chickadee's song, and then Monkey looked at the bird book before settling in for a nap while I read him a little more of the Swiss Family Robinson, which is our current read-aloud.

This afternoon we have a library run to make and some potatoes that I plan to can. It's a busy day!


Tricia said...

You are braver than I am. Hope the wall is all he painted!!

Ritsumei said...

Actually, he does a remarkable job at following directions, so the wall was all that he painted on purpose, and nearly all that he got by accident. There is a small smear on a sawhorse and a few dribbles on the floor, but we were ok with that. He was so happy to be helping - doing it like Daddy! I made him give me a turn at the painting from time to time to clean out the brush and take care of the globs he was leaving. The paint was amazing: it's that waterproof concrete paint, and it's nasty thick. But that was just right for our little guy because it meant that it was almost drip-proof. Perfect for a little one to try painting with!


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