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14 January 2009

Musing on Modesty

Ever since reading about the fruits of the Spirit and pondering what kind of dirt I have, I've been thinking about several of those virtues - gentleness, temperance, and also modesty (although it's not listed in the verse).

As I was studying I was looking up some definitions because I wasn't sure what temperance is, and while I was at it I looked up the definition of Modesty. I'd always thought of it as not showing too much skin. Don't let things get too tight. As a result, I had been well and truly puzzled by the Prophet's comments on modest earrings.

May I mention earrings and rings placed in other parts of the body. These are not manly. They are not attractive. You young men look better without them, and I believe you will feel better without them. As for the young women, you do not need to drape rings up and down your ears. One modest pair of earrings is sufficient.

It all made more sense when I looked at the definition (courtesy of dictionary.com):


1. having or showing a moderate or humble estimate of one's merits, importance, etc.; free from vanity, egotism, boastfulness, or great pretensions.

2. free from ostentation or showy extravagance: a modest house.

3. having or showing regard for the decencies of behavior, speech, dress, etc.; decent: a modest neckline on a dress.

4. limited or moderate in amount, extent, etc.: a modest increase in salary.

Being modest essentially means not drawing attention to ourselves. So, earrings may indeed be modest or immodest. Interesting. Makes me look at my clothing with a whole new eye. It's interesting as well: this would mean that what is modest here, where I live, may not be modest where you live. Or it may be over the top and extreme, though the Lord has certainly laid out some minimum standards that apply to everyone. But a great deal of it has been left to individual discretion and would be very culturally influenced. That being said, I rather suspect that in this (as in all other things) there is a Celestial Law that is the Final Right Answer that governs the actions of those that live with the Lord.

There are also some really great blog posts out there on modesty. This blog is hosting a whole 10 Days to Modesty event - they're having a fashion show tomorrow. I think that I'm a little late to participate in that, but it's a cool idea. They've also got a giveaway from a modest fashion designer, which is cool. I haven't checked out her store yet, but I'm thinking that I'll go check it out at some point.


misskate said...

Huh.. very interesting. There are some definitions there that I had never considered associated with my definition of modesty. It definitely gives one something to think about.. it does make me look at my wardrobe a little differently too..... Cool.

Traveler For Good said...
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Ritsumei said...

I'm still in the pondering stage. I don't think that I've decided on anything that needs to go yet. But it certainly does give me pause as I think of what I'd like to add to my wardrobe. I'd love to have a few more options when I look in my closet on Sunday.

Jenni- the email is off. Looking forward to hearing from you. I've decided not to keep the comment though, to protect your email address. Thanks for the note!

Cindy said...

I checked out that designer's website. She has some really cute stuff. Of course, as usual it all looks like it looks best on girls who weigh 100 lbs. Sigh... I need some new clothes.

Ritsumei said...

Weeeelll.... doesn't everything look better on little people?? I have to admit, looking better is one of my motivations for loosing weight. Not a main motivation, but it's definitely in there. There are some styles that I like that I simply can't pull off right now with the belly I've got.

Cindy said...

I just wanted to say your blog has become one of my favorites to check out. You have such a wide array of subject matter here. Keeps things interesting. (Even if we disagree on some things politically, but it's good to see other points of view.:)

Ritsumei said...

That makes me so happy to hear you say that Cindy!! Who doesn't love a lovely complement to warm them up on a cold cold day? Thanks!

Now, I'm off for some hot chocolate: it's more degrees below zero than I care to know about.


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