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09 January 2009

Summer In My Kitchen

It's cold. We're supposed to get snow this weekend. But it's summer in my kitchen.

We got some apples from folks selling fruit to support a choir. I think it was a choir. In any case, there were several more than what we could eat before they went bad, so at Andy's suggestion I canned them into apple pie filling. And a very tasty apple pie filling it is! Monkey helped by peeling the apples for me. I have this fabulous apple peeler-slicer gizmo, and with the right type of apples he can actually peel them faster than I can cut them into quarters. The apples we had were a little softer (lots of red and yellow delicious), so he had to have more help this time. I plan to eat some of the leftover pie filling on my vanilla ice cream one of these days. We've also discussed the possibility of doing crepes. Next I need to do something with the box of oranges that we bought. Andy wants juice; I want to try the honeyed orange slices. We'll probably end up with a little of both.


Jeannetta said...

Yum! And think how much farther down the "preparedness" road you are too :)
I LOVE canning!

Ritsumei said...

I enjoy canning too, although I'm not convinced that this is any more than just a convenience food: 12 pints of apple pie filling doesn't seem like a significant addition to "storage." But it's WAY better than the fresh apple pie fillings that I've been making. I'm now looking for an excuse to turn this into a pie. Maybe the next time we have company or go to someone's house.

misskate said...

Mmmmmm.... Summer in January. Gotta love that!!
Looking for a reason to make a pie huh.. Well, you could make one to celebrate any of the following holidays:
Mon Jan 12: Organize Your Home Day
Wed Jan 15: Ratification Day
Jan 15 - 16: Women in Blue Jeans Days
Jan 16: Appreciate a Dragon Day
or my personal favorite:
Jan 20: Rid the World of Fad Diets and Gimmicks Day

Erica said...

How beautiful is that! Canning rocks! We were thinking of doing this, this year, but instead made all apple sauce and apple cider. We are currently trying to make our own apple cider vinegar...It's brewing on top of the fridge!

Keeley said...

Oh my good gracious gravy, those look GOOD!!! Mmmmm.


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