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06 January 2009

Tinfoil Hats

I finally got a turn with the library's copy of First Art: art experiences for toddlers and twos by MaryAnn Kohl. It's a fun book. Sadly, someone has put a hold on it so I can't renew it; it has to go back in a couple of days. If Monkey hadn't been sick this past week we'd have done more. I just bought some bigger paper to do some painting on, but he's had a nasty cold/stomach flu thing.

Before he got sick we did a tinfoil art thing. First Art is cool because it's all open-ended art projects (as opposed to crafts that have a right and wrong way to do them). And a sheet of tinfoil isn't even messy! He crunched it and put it on his head, then lost interest. So I got a sheet and played with it too.

I'm glad I did. Tinfoil is interesting to play with. Scrunching and smoothing and wrinkling and banging. We had a very good time. This is a book that is definitely going on my homeschooling wish list! (Though in the mean time I can put a hold on it and get a turn from time to time.)

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Keeley said...

Monkey looks like he was having a really fun time with that tinfoil.

Hmmm....tinfoil hats.....

For some reason I have a desire to watch "Signs" again. That was a great film. =)


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