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21 January 2009


Andy has been putting the cabinents in our bathroom last night & this morning, and Monkey likes nothing better than to help his daddy when he's fixing. I'm pretty excited by all this fixing too: our bathroom should be all done except a few cosmetic things by the end of the day! Yay Daddy! Yay Monkey! (Plus, this gives Monkey some great hands-on experience with tools and fixing and some great Daddy time.)


Karies place said...

Yep, every child needs to learn how to "fix" things regardless of their age. :)

D'ann said...

YEAH for the bathroom! You have an AWESOME hubby!! can i borrow him?

Ritsumei said...

They're pretty awesome!

Anne Chovies said...

I agree with D'ann; you have an awesome hubby and I am very glad for the help he gave us last fall with our shelves! Great work all around!


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