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08 January 2009

Feeling Better

You know they're feeling at least some better when they have energy for messes!


Karies place said...

lol have fun with that. :)

misskate said...

Haha.. looks like he's feeling better indeed! Such a cutie (and industrious too!) :)

Keeley said...

Hahahaha!!!! Oh my goodness, that's brilliant! =D It looks like he was having a wonderful time. =D

Anne Chovies said...

I doubt he thinks of it as a mess; he's just learning about TP. What a cutie!

Ritsumei said...

No, it's not a mess that he sees, it's a cat toy first and then an interesting project in tearing.

"I teared it," he told me.

It's just his mama that sees the mess first. But I did remember to get the camera, and I also remembered not to wig out on him. I also closed the bathroom door, much to his disappointment.


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