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03 February 2009

Dodged the Bullet

We visited the allergist this morning, and ended up having some tests done to see if allergies are contributing to Monkey's chronic sinus ick. Yep, it is. Turns out he's probably allergic to cats(!) and borderline for dust mites. Fortunately, the doctor said that there is a very high margin of error in the scratch tests (50%), and where Monkey's not breaking out into sneezing fits when he plays with the cat (Only Anya will play. Rena doesn't do that sort of thing.) the doctor said it would probably be premature to say that we should get rid of our cats at this point. Though we should discourage them from sleeping in his bed. The dust mites should be pretty straight forward to deal with: weekly hot water washes for the bedding and cool dust mite covers for the mattresses and pillows.

It's nice to have some new ideas about what to do for the never ending nose icks. Really nice. But my strongest feeling right now is relief at not loosing our cats!


Keeley said...

I hope you don't. Bert had a cat when he was just a little older than Monkey. He was so badly allergic he ended up in hospital for a couple of days. When he came back, his beloved Tiger was gone.

He still talks about that kitty, and every chance he gets he oggles and adores cats that look just like him.

Dust mite covers for your pillows and mattresses? Where'd you get those?

I hope little Monkey is feeling better soon. Poor sausage.

misskate said...

Yay for not loosing the kitties! That would be very sad.

Ritsumei said...

It would, indeed, be very sad. For now, it's looking good. We'll see how things go. I don't want to "disappear" our cats on Monkey. Bummer about Bert's cat. I think Monkey's not old enough to remember it, but I'm sure that he'd be plenty sad anyway.

The dust mite covers are supposed to be at any of your regular department stores: Walmart, Target, & the like. We haven't actually been shopping yet, so I don't know much about them. Some sort of mite-proof baggie that you "just zip the mattress into." They say that like as if it's a little job. We'll see. But if it helps him then it'll be worth the effort! Plus, he's got a nose spray now too.


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