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05 February 2009

Nature Study

When we went outside this afternoon we stopped by the feeder to look at the way that the woodpeckers leave holes in the suet we put out.

Then he grabbed his shovel and moved snow for a while.

We took a look at the ice left behind as the sun has been starting to melt the snowbanks a little. I had never noticed how pretty they were before! I showed them to Monkey and he looked, but then he shoveled it.

Looking at the waves that the wind has blown into the snow had a similar effect. He looked and it was nice, but he wanted to shovel!


Jeannetta said...

Really perfect nature study day!
I love your photos.

misskate said...

Very nice pics Rits! I especially like the melting ice one. Your pictures are looking better and better!

Ritsumei said...

Today was an excellent nature study day. I wished that we had more time to play outside, but I have piano lessons all afternoon on Thursdays, and then Monkey's Aunt & Uncle are playing in a Jr. High band concert that we're going to this evening, so the stuff that had to get done all had to happen in the morning. But it was so nice to get outside & look around, move around, feel the breeze, with some decent temperatures after all the below zero stuff that we've been having. Between the negative temps and Monkey being half sick all winter long we've hardly been out at all!

Glad you like the photos. I love practicing!

Dorine said...

I think that your boy is a man of action!!! TEE HEE!!! The pictures are really beautiful!! You do a really nice job!!!

Karies place said...

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Carissa said...

Those pictures are making me want to go do the same thing right now! So pretty!

(I just sent you a friend request on facebook :)

Ritsumei said...

Thanks guys, glad you like the pictures!


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