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05 February 2009

Little Worker

Monkey made a mess the other day. He was using the hole punch and very happily punching many many holes. After a while, he discovered that the lid on the hold catching part comes off. Then there were many many holes on the floor. So he grabbed the broom and dustpan and tried to sweep them up. That was the part where he learned that brooms don't work very well on carpet. I'd told him before that brooms are for hard floors and vacuums for carpet, but I don't think he got it. He gets it much better now! When I noticed what he was doing with the broom I smiled & let him do it. A little bit later I asked him if he wanted some help cleaning things up a little better. He thought that idea was pretty exciting, so we went and got the vacuum. He did nearly all the vacuuming all by himself. Except that I had to aim it for him, and help him with a few little touch-ups near the end. He did almost all of it; he didn't want any more of my help than absolutely necessary. What a good kid!


Karies place said...

Isn't it great when kids can help clean up their messes and best of all WANT to!

Ritsumei said...

It makes it easy to not mind the messes much at all.


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