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09 February 2009

Playing With Toys

I have entered the wonderful world of Photoshop! I'm still just fooling around, but I think it's an improvement. Here is what the picture looked like to start with:

Oh, and Kate, if you want the adjusted shoe picture, let me know.


misskate said...

Ooooh! Very nice!
I did print up that picture and just decided I'd crop it, but if you've cleaned it up and cropped it already, I'd love to have a copy!

Dorine said...

it looks lovely! You did a very nice job on those pictures. And cropped like that is fablous!!

Ritsumei said...

Glad you guys like it! I'm having a fair amount of fun playing with the new program.

Ritsumei said...

You can have a copy too, if you want it, Mom.

Dorine said...

Sure, I would love a copy!!


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