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10 February 2009

Nature Study

It finally warmed up a bit. In addition to that, Monkey seems to be dong much better now that we're treating him for allergies rather than colds. The result is that we were finally able to go over to Memorial Park like I've been wanting to do. It's a lovely big park with wooded sections, marshy spots, grassy areas, hills, and a pond with a stream. Plenty of things for us to look at and watch change with the seasons!

These puddles are the first things we found. Never even made it to the pond, we had water right there the moment we got out of the car. Monkey is old enough to enjoy the puddles this year!

After he'd splashed for a while I started encouraging him to splash this way, and we moved towards the woods. There's still a bit of snow on the ground, even after 2 days of temperatures in the 50's(!) and a rainstorm, but it wasn't too bad. So we made our way over to one of the wooded areas to check out the trees.

Monkey noticed this hollow tree. He told me, "It's broken!" and wanted to check it out, so we did.

Tomorrow it's back to winter: we're supposed to have rain-turning-to-snow slushy icky muck all day long. But today has been just wonderful!


misskate said...

Mmmmm... I am glad somebody was able to get out and enjoy this day! Looks like you guys had fun :)

Ritsumei said...

We did enjoy ourselves! It was a wonderful birthday treat.

Anne Chovies said...

what a happy little outdoorsman! Sounds like a great time!

Dorine said...

I am glad that Monkey is doing better with alergy treatment! So wonderful to get out on a lovely day like today!! I am glad that you were able to get out and enjoy with him!! Happy Birthday!!

Ritsumei said...

We did have a great time. And this evening we went out to look at the stars too. I have one, below Orion, that I'd like to figure out what it is, but I'm still learning. However, I did get some pictures of the full moon, and hopefully those will be good.

Anne Bradshaw said...

Congratulations, Ritsumei, you're the winner of this week's contest on my blog at Not Entirely British :-)

Please go to my website contact page HERE and send me your mailing address, which I can then forward to Sara Lyn Baril so she can mail you the prize.


Tricia said...


Here is the link for the Greek that we will most likely be doing in the future. Hope this helps.

Cindy said...

It's good to see a glimmer of hope that spring may actually come soon!

Ritsumei said...

Thanks for the Greek link Tricia! I'll pass that along.

Cindy: we're back to snow now, so apparently spring was just toying with us. I kind of figured that was the case, but Andy got all excited & put away the snow shovels... he had to get them back out.


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