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07 November 2009


I've had a very icky cold for at least a week now. It's included a nasty cough that gives me a sore throat. It's not very much fun. But I have learned a new trick for dealing with it: my lemon honey stuff. Here's what you do.

Fill your favorite mug with water. Leave a bit of space, about like you would for making hot chocolate, so you have room to add stuff later. Nuke it. I do a minute, and it works out perfectly. Next, add a generous slosh of lemon juice. I have some left from canning and it works great. If I was guessing on the measurements, I'd say I probably add 2-4 T of lemon juice. Something around than 1/4 a cupish. But I've never measured. Then add a generous squeeze of honey. If you're smarter than me, you'll do the honey first, and then you'll be able to see the pile of honey in the bottom. Make a good pile. Stir it up. Now, taste it. I like my lemon-honey stuff to be a nice balance between sweet and tart. I often have to add just a bit more honey. It really hits the spot.

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misskate said...

No more sick people, yo! Hope you get better soon!


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