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11 October 2007

All Kinds of STUFF

We did some art - tried painting in some nice fall colors. It went over pretty well, if you don't count the part where he sampled the paint (tasty!) or where the business end of the brush fell off. We'll call it "finger brush painting," as he used both fingers and the paintbrush about equally. When it was all done and dry, we wrote a thank you note on it in black crayon and sent them to folks that sent birthday stuff. I love mailing his art.

Now that the Monkey is eating solid food 3 times a day, I find that I'm washing the floor much more often than I used to. And could use to do it even more, but we won't talk about that. Most recently, we mopped because I tried giving him those cute little mandarin oranges. I think they're delicious. Apparently I, like so many mothers, don't know what I'm talking about. I gave him 4 or five of the tasty little oranges. He smashed a couple of them to smithereens, and then he very carefully dropped them, one at a time, over the edge of his tray. Sticky nasty mess.

I, not knowing any better, washed the baby and turned him loose when he was done eating, thinking that I'd grab a rag and clean it up real quick. Silly me. No sooner had I set him free than he made a bee-line for the rag drawer (more on that drawer in a minute). Right through the sticky oranges. Now they were all over the place.

Fortunately, the Monkey is as willing to help with the clean up as quickly as he helped with the creation of the mess. He's such a wonder-boy. Hopefully he'll be as willing to play with a mop in 10 years as he is now. And by then he'll have learned to put it back when he's done. Hey, I can dream, right? He does so nicely now.

And this is the Monkey helping me organize my rags. Silly me, I had the rags all in one drawer. He was kind enough to place a few of them in the next drawer up. No folding required: it's easier to see what you have if it's loose. What an awesome kid!


Nikki Angels of Heart said...

I love these photos of the little one mopping. I have some of my son doing the same thing. I think for christmas I might get him some his size. Especially a sweeper Gotta love the ones that actually pick up dirt.

God Bless

Ritsumei said...

I didn't know they made them that actually pick up the dirt - that's super cool! I may have to look for one of those bad boys. =D Glad you enjoyed the pictures - I sure love taking them!

Keeley said...

I just love the pictures of your little monkey. =)


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