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10 October 2007

Family Home Evening

We've started doing FHE in a much more Monkey-centered way than previous attempt have been. Now that he's a Big Boy of a whole year, it seemed like the thing to do. I wasn't sure what to do for the lesson part of the evening. At first I was thinking to do our next scripture story - Joseph in Egypt. However. This story has a LOT of characters. Come to think of it, pretty much all the Bible stories seem to have quite a few. But Jacob had a lot of sons & they play an important role in the story. So we went with a simpler lesson loosely based on one from the nursery manual: Heavenly Father made the sun, moon, and stars. The felt board is, apparently, tons of fun. We got it out & did the "lesson" again a couple of times in the week, and it's still pretty interesting.

There are some nice resources on LDS.org for doing FHE that I hadn't realized were there before. Of course, there's the main FHE section, but they've also got that Gospel Art Picture Kit on there for printing out. That's pretty cool, although my printer won't take on that sort of stuff. They also have an impressive collection of First Presidency Statements on why we should do FHE, some dating back to 1905. I didn't realize that FHE had been around for that long!

As for Joseph in Egypt, well, I'm still working on pieces. I found a coloring sheet that I cut up and used for some characters, although it looses most of the detail in the translation to felt. This is a "blank" template I made for all those men in the Bible. I think I'll probably make a few more "blanks," so I've got some variety in the poses. But it is going considerably faster now that I've got this guy.


Keeley said...

Hey! That is a way cool felt board. Did you make that?

Ritsumei said...

I did. It's 2x2 feet of 1/4 inch plywood covered in green felt which is attached with elmers glue right now, but I need to find some tacks or staples or something to make sure that glue doesn't let go, but so far it's been pretty stable, in spite of the fact that the Monkey loves it. To be on it. To drag it out from behind the piano, because I can't seem to find a nice place to put it. I mean, I just don't have that many places that you CAN put a big chunk of felt-covered plywood.

Keeley said...

What a talented creative woman you are. =)

Behind the piano sounds like a really great place for it, apart from the fact that Monkey likes to drag it out from there. =)


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