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16 October 2007

I am SO Blessed!

I look at this blog, the Baby Catcher, and read about this midwife's experiences in Africa, and it makes me appreciate the amazing blessings that are simply taken for granted here in the United States. I can't imagine having quads and a stillbirth laboring next to each other without so much as a curtain between, but in some places, it happens. Can you imagine the uproar if it happened here? I think I need to donate more to the Humanitarian Aid fund at church: I have so much.


Keeley said...

Wow, what an amazing blog! Where on earth did you find it?

I love donating to humanitarian aid - there's such peace knowing that all the money will go to those who need it, rather than just 25% or 50% or whatever.

Our stake has been having a humanitarian drive this month. I haven't done anything with Ben yet, but I've been thinking about taking a day or two off from academics and making hygiene kits or Newborn kits or something.

Ritsumei said...

I was browsing the blogroll on a midwife's blog & that was one of the ones that she'd linked to. My husband is the clerk, so I'm thinking that I'll ask him how bug a hassle it would be to donate specifically to one project.


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