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31 October 2007

Playing Tag

Keeley is a brave woman. She tagged me for the latest meme: 7 things about myself. So, here goes:

1. I made a penguin suit for my Halloween costume this year. Unfortunatly, I'm not aware of any photographs yet. However, it's not all packed up yet, so there likely will be pictures later. Monkey was a dragon (I originally bought a chicken suit, but Andy insisted that his son is not a chicken for some odd reason. It was also broken, so I took it back.) And Andy was a member of SG-1.

2. I like to scrapbook. It's a logical hobby for someone who enjoys photography as much as I do. After all, you've gotta do something with all those pictures you take! This evening I've been working on a couple of pages of pictures I took at rehearsals for the play "Savior of the World" that our Stake did a few years back. Huge production. Incredible experience! Not too badly done for a buncha amateurs, either. Anyway, that was in late 2004, which should tell you something about how up-to-date my scrapbooks are.

3. I just bought a banjo, and I'm trying to learn it. Practicing is interesting, what with a 13 month old around. But I think I'm making progress. A little.

4. This week I saw in print what I had suspected for a while: Charlotte Mason's method is a type of Classical Education.

5. The movie that tops my "Bad Movies I Plan to Avoid" list is currently the "Golden Compass." Read about how this movie is anti-religion, aiming to sell atheism to kids at Snopes.com.

6. My husband is very clever. He comes up with such phrases as "the wrecking ball of truth" (consider Clinton's scandals) and "try-before-you-buy marriages" (live-ins) and some others that I didn't write down, so I can't remember them. He says that he's not funny, but I think he is!

7. I'm really very stumped on this last one. How's this: I hate Windows Live. I'm working on gradually switching to gmail, but I've had my hotmail address for so long I'm not sure I want to close it down completely. That being said, I think I said, "I hate Windows Live." at least 3 times while trying to get through my email this afternoon. Ugh.

I'm still working on who to tag. I'll get back to you.


Keeley said...

1. Haha, I'm dying to see you in your penguin suit. =D

3. Oh WOW, go you on your banjo! That's so cool. =)

4. Yes, I love that interaction with Charlotte Mason and Classical. Of course, strict adherents of both methods disavow the other, but I think that they can mesh together beautifully. It's what I'm going to do for Andrew, methinks.

5. Yeah, I'll be avoiding "The Golden Compass" too. I remember I saw an ad of it at the movies before I knew anything about it, and even during the ad I was thinking "uhhh....something about this is giving me el creepos."

6. My husband is clever too! Woo hoo! My favourite quotes from him: "If somebody says something that ticks you off, don't worry about it.
It's the things they haven't said that you should be really angry about."


"People say a lot of things they don't mean and mean a lot of things they don't say."

7. Ok...windows live is an email programme?

Ritsumei said...

Windows live is the new face of hotmail. And it sucks.

Keeley said...

Hotmail was pretty icky to begin with - I left it for a yahoo account some years ago because of the INSANE amounts of spam I'd get. I'm presuming they've fixed that now, though, even though the rest of the programme is hideous?

Well...maybe try yahoo mail? I like it. =) That is, I like the classic style. The "new" style is irritating and I'm not so hot on it. I'm terrified at some point they're going to force me to change.

Ritsumei said...

I actually had a yahoo for a while, I guess that I still do although I never use it anymore. But I really like gmail. That's where my newest email is. The only thing is, I used my real name in the address... I'm not sure that was such a hot move. But at the time I was submitting my picture book to a publisher and it made sense. Oh well. I've always got the (stupid annoying irritating) hotmail account. Right?

Keeley said...

Oh, I've heard good things about gmail.

Also, I have a yahoo account with not only my name, but my full name. =D

And, furthermore, if you don't like your gmail name....get a new email account. =)

Soooo, what did the publisher think of your picture book?


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