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03 October 2007

Poor Little Sausage!

Tell me, if bedtime is at 11pm (Andy works 2nd shift), how late do you think the last nap should go? Monkey wants to be taking a nap around 8 these days, and it makes me worry about the quality of sleep the family's going to get at say, 3am.

What about when he's teething & the Tylenol acts like a sleeping elixer in that I give it to him and within 30 minutes he's passed out from an excess of relief from those nasty TEETH? Poor little sausage!


Candace Salima (LDS Nora Roberts) said...

Wow, I don't have children so my advice might not be great. But I'd put your child to bed earlier. I have friends who let their kids stay up until midnight or later every night when they were little. When they had to start going to school it just about killed them.

But you're the mom and you know best. Good luck.

Ritsumei said...

Well, we're a 2nd shift family - bedtime is around midnight & morning time starts somewhere around 8 or 9. So 10-11 is about right for his bedtime. I'm not terribly worried about school because we're going to homeschool. But it's important to me to be on the same schedule as my husband so both the Monkey and I get to see him, rather than everyone sleeping through eachother's day. Actually, I think that it shouldn't be too bad to switch him to a day shift schedule, should Andy ever get a day shift job: I have to work pretty hard to keep Monkey on this schedule at all.


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