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10 December 2008

Bit of a Blizzard

We had a bit of a blizzard.

It drove Monkey crazy to stay inside while Daddy was outside shoveling.

Monkey wanted to help.

And how can you argue with that?

So we let him help.


D'ann said...

I'm SO envious!! I miss the snow :(
Have a snowball fight for me!

Karies place said...

Your frontyard looks like ours lol. Just plain too white for me. :) hee hee

Cindy said...

Aaahh! It looks so great! We can't seem to get me than a quarter inch out here. Make a snowman for me!:)

Ritsumei said...

I really do need to get out there and get Monkey into the thick of it. If his boots will stay on. They didn't last year. I'll probably have to shovel an entrance into the yard from the sidewalk, LOL. Those banks are tall enough to give me some pause, and a good deal taller than his head! I've got some things in the back I really want to take pictures of though... gotta get out there to play. It's fun though. No doubt about it: we're having a white Christmas this year!

misskate said...

So much snow!! Yikes! That's awesome though :) It's so fabulous that Monkey is so eager to help! Such a cutie

Tricia said...

Hey, when did all this happen. "While I was sleeping?" I have been so busy this morning that I haven't even looked outside yet. How sad is that?

Anne Chovies said...

Whoa, man! 'til you said it was his daddy what did the shoveling I thot from the pictures that the little man hisself moved all that snow! Now that would be impressive!

Ritsumei said...

It war mighty impressive anywho: dija see that big ole scoop he got to movin? (4th picture)

My boy be one hard worker!

Dorine said...

I think that you got more snow than us. The Monkey is such a cutie!! I love that he is so willing to help!


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