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06 December 2008

A New Friend

She's so new that we haven't decided on a name yet. And she hasn't ventured out of the carrier very much. Which is fine. The new kitty is almost entirely black, but she's got a tiny spot of white on her belly. She's about 6-7 months old, and playful. She seems friendly too: even nuzzled Monkey a bit when we were playing with her before we decided which cat to bring home.

So far Rena is doing OK with the new cat. But they're segregated: the new kitty is closed into the music room, with plenty of warm blankets, food, water, and her own potty. Since it's tons bigger than the little cage she had at Petsmart or the one she would have been in at the Humane Society before that, I don't even feel badly about putting her in a little room for a few weeks so we can slowly introduce them. Rena is definitely aware that something fishy, worrisome even, is going on in that room though! She keeps sniffing around the door and mewing. The vet says it may take a month or more to slowly introduce them so that they get along nicely.


Oldlady25 said...

That's great that your new cat like Monkey already! Did you find a name for the cat though? Most places either don't give the animals names, they're cheesy, or you may not like the one it had before. You should name it Sunshine, Snowball, Fuzzball, or something silly like that. :)


Ritsumei said...

You are a silly lady!! Snowball... for a black cat??

We're going to call her Anya.


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