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08 December 2008

Good Times

Meet Anya. She's making the transition to our place nicely. She must be glad to be out of the tiny little cage she was in at the pet store, and she's all sorts of excited about getting out of the music room! (We keep putting her back, cuz Rena's not quite ready, but it's getting closer.) Rena is adjusting nicely and things are looking good for the two of them getting along. Our vet recommended this website as a reliable source of information on cats, so we're following its advice about introducing a new cat to the family. It looks like it's going to go a bit quicker than the site indicates.

She loves my Monkey. When we went to the pet store we stayed and played with kitties for 2 to 2 1/2 hours, looking for one that was interested in spending time with Monkey. Two of them didn't mind playing with Monkey - Anya and her sister - but only Anya nuzzled him. So Anya was the one that we brought home. We visit her frequently in the music room. Monkey loves to play with her, though he hasn't quite got the hang of snuggling with her yet. Anya is a much more social kitty than Rena, and Monkey just doesn't know how to react when she nuzzles him and asks for pets & lovin's!

I've been doing scrapbooking the past couple of days. I seem to do that most when I'm sick, and I've been getting trounced by a nasty nasty cold. When I cut and glue, Monkey wants to do it too, so he spent some time playing with my square punch. Then we used some empty TP tubes to make binoculars and decorated them with markers. Then I showed him the wonders of glue. He took right to it.

Monkey also had some good fun with a ball of yarn that got separated from the shawl that I've been making. I've been learning to knit, and it's going well. The knitting part of the shawl is actually done, I just need to finish up the tassels. Monkey often plays with my string, but this was a better mess than usual.

Behind him, you can see our calendar. It's going pretty well. We started that in mid-October, and he's still interested, still wanting to do it. We keep it simple: put up today, sing a "Days of the Week" song, do something with letters & their sounds, then play at the map. All together it takes about 5 minutes. We didn't keep it up this weekend because I've been pretty sick & my voice has been sort of in and out. But we'll probably catch it up this evening before bed.


D'ann said...

Absolutely AWESOME picture of monkey and Anya - he must be lovin' it!!

misskate said...

So I totally dreamt about your kitty last night! In the dream Rina was in a shopping card and the little black kitty came up to the cart and they were all friendly, nuzzling noses through the bars (it must've been a mini cart) Haha.. it just seems so random that I would dream about your cats :)
Hope things continue to go well!

Ritsumei said...

Oh yeah, he's definitely loving the cat. That kitty toy is wearing out rather quickly because the both of them love it so much! (Of course it has nothing to do with how cheaply made it is!) But yeah, he's lovin' the kitty situation. I think it'll be even better once she's done being confined. I'll like that too: my music room smells like CAT. Even with cleaning it every day. There's a litter box in there.

Kate, I'm completely entertained that you dream of my kitties! Maybe it's a sign: you need one too. There was a darling calico that we left at the store that was terribly disappointed to be passed over. I'm sure she'd be happy to come home with my sister!

Keeley said...

What a GREAT name! Love Anya! =) How sweet that she nuzzles Monkey. =)

Looks like Monkey has had a wonderful few days - LOVE the yarn on the floor. =D Sorry to hear about your cold though - hope you feel better soon!

GAH! I keep forgetting to add a map segment to our Calendar segment! If I put a map on the wall right under the calendar that should help me remember. Just need to remember to put it there now... =D

Ahhh Misskate, I still love your Zim thing. "You can never understand the workings of my brilliant mind!"

Ritsumei said...

Thanks Keeley! We're pretty fond of it, and it seems to fit her nicely. It is very sweet to watch them together.

Would you believe that all that mess is the product of a single day? He got the yarn when I wasn't paying attention. I probably would have told him it was fine anyway, since he plays with it all the time, just not usually so messily. The paper mess was both his and mine; I was scrapbooking he was mimicking. I showed him the wonders of glue partly because I could do so without getting out of my chair for quite some time. I was pretty sure he'd be entranced and he was: he asked for it again today. It's too much mess, so I told him no today. I think I need to find some of those gluesticks that go on purple & dry clear so he can see where the glue is. I'm not sure that he's really really got the concept yet. But he knows he likes it! And the binoculars (one of 3 projects he did yesterday) turned out adorable. I particularly love the picture of him looking through them.

misskate said...

Ah Zim :) Bringing joy to the entire universe with his JOLLY BOOTS OF DOOOOOOOOOOM!!!


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